Goldest Egg is boutique public relations and artist management company, catering to musicians and brands throughout the entertainment world. We bring over 14 years of expertise to the table, having gained invaluable experience while tour managing, spearheading marketing and publicity campaigns at independent labels and doing PR for some of the biggest names in the indie music world. Goldest Egg was created with the true intention of wanting to help developing bands, artists and brands get noticed and that’s just what we’re continuing to do each and every day.

In addition to PR, we are blossoming in the world of event marketing, having aided in coordinating monetary, product and media sponsorships for live events at SXSW, CMJ and the Northside Festival in Brooklyn, NY. We also successfully connect brands to cutting edge events in the music, film and entertainment realms, propelling them into the spotlight.

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Send an email to with information about your upcoming project or release (bands: please include a Bandcamp/Soundcloud link when submitting music)